About Trinity Tech

A recognized leader in the e-coating industry.

Trinity E-Coaters Ltd. has a history dating back to 1966 and specializes in electrodeposition (E-coating) in our 40,000+ sqft facility located in Brampton, Ontario.

Some facts about us

Trinity E-Coaters has
  • Coated over 375M+ parts
  • 40,000 sq.ft. facility
  • operations in Canada
  • over 70 employees

“My engineering education, passion for innovation and business experience allows me and my team to serve our partners, clients, and society as one. Today, we as an organization continue to work diligently and passionately to innovate technology and transform humanity, leading to better ways of living.”

– President & CEO

“With confidence, hard work and honesty, I believe anybody can succeed. Since I was young, I always had a passion for business; even though I studied Engineering, I combined my education with my passion to launch Trinity Tech!”

– Dunstan Peter, CEO



A recognized leader in the e-coating industry.



To provide our customers qualityproducts, on time delivery, reasonable price, excellent service and get better every day.

Quality Policy

Trinity E-Coaters conducts its business efforts with a focused commitment to our customers and stakeholders satisfaction based upon ongoing analysis, refinement of informational streams and error prevention strategies. Trinity defines quality as the commitment to fulfill both our internal and external customer requirements and expectations. Effort is made to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our Quality Management System (OMS) through the establishment, review and refinement of our quality objectives.